HydraH20 Water System


Simply Young’s HydraH2O Water System is the perfect at home, under-the-sink unit for your entire family!  HydraH2O Water System (pH 7.5 to 8.5 ) Designed to mimic the earth’s natural high vibration filtration of water to support purification (ORP), natural mineral earth ionization, alkalinization as needed, hydrogenation as well as high Anti-oxidant ( high Negative ORP) water and help support overall health. This elite system offers the benefits and features of 5 common waters systems in ONE!

5 in 1 BENEFITS Include:
*Complete Purification (RO)
*Remineralization w/ Advanced Earth Mineral Ceramics (such as Tourmaline and more!)
*Alkalization (ph 7.5-9.5)
*HYDROGEN Infused (Smallest Molecule Structured Water)

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