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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are these products gluten free?

The source of all ingredients to all of our products (excluding the Vital Flow Essentials due to the Barley Grass) are certified gluten free.

Can I take these products while I'm pregnant?

Seeing as the majority of our ingredients are natural whole plant foods and herbs, the answer is yes. However, you should consult you general physician before ingesting, especially if you are pregnant.

Will any of these products interfere with my medications?

They should not. However, it is always safe to consult your general physician before ingesting anything, especially if you are on medications.

Are these products ENTIRELY organic?

Our products are as Organic as possible. Some of our ingredients are sourced from countries or territories that do not offer organic certifications nor do they used pesticides. Our ingredients are always meticulously sourced and are pesticide free.

Can you do the Pure Body Metabolic Cleanse for longer than a week?

Yes you can! The “Pure Body Metabolic Cleanse” is a functional cleanse that allows you to live in balance, cleanse and lose weight at the same time! many people continue on the cleanse for two weeks to a month, and then find themselves continuing on some variation of it to follow.

If so, should you be doing the enemas every day?

We advise that it is proper for you to do the recommended enemas everyday for the week and then if you continue on with the cleanse, every 4 days to a week to follow.

What's the difference between the Lemon Aloe Enema and the Café Mineral Enema?

Some people who are very sensitive to caffeine find themselves more comfortable using the Lemon Aloe Enema, which was designed for more sensitive individuals.

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