Our Story

Simply-Young-Catie-Wyman-NorrisSimply Young “get’s to” envision, formulate, source and create tasty, better than safe, highly nutritious, evidence based, whole plant food supplements and products that support “youth from the inside out and outside in!” so our customers can naturally overcome their deficiencies, toxicities, imbalances and grow more active, fun loving, and youthful while on their life’s journey.

From our beginning…food has determined how we connect to nature and how we honor our lives and all life.  Foods are the ingredients in our body that create our organs, glands, tissue, bones, veins, arteries, how & what we digest,…food can determine if we are happy or not, the expansion and maintenance of our thoughts,…and the quality, length and true essence of our lives in this lifetime.  Our foods determine who we are and become because not only are we a self healing organism with the help of the correct foods but we become what we eat.  Our skin can regenerate in 28 days, our liver in 5 months according to research.  Our customers have a choice in who and what they become because of what they choose to eat and drink. It is this connection that brings health, happiness and peace to mankind and the community.

It is in honoring our earth, ourselves, our farmers and all through the use of pure organic ingredients, eco-friendly products, sustainable business practices and supporting our communities consciously, nutritionally and economically that we grow as all must and “get to” win in every choice we make.

Our Simply Young Team believes that to create a healthy, happy, whole body, it takes REAL, PURE, SAFE, WHOLE PLANT FOODS that are the actual building blocks proven to nourish and support the body as a self healing organism.